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About Us

Founded in 2014 Woodleigh Healthcare Limited is a specialist Care Quality Commission registered provider for Personal Care organisation providing supported living for vulnerable adults with mental health needs, challenging behaviour, learning disabilities and individuals recovering from substance/alcohol misuse and other complex needs.

Our supported living facilities are tailored to prepare our service users towards independent living. Woodleigh Healthcare has a holistic approach which involves social workers, psychiatrists, GPs, care workers, advocates and their extended families. Specifically, the services we offer through qualified and experienced staff, cover our three-tier ‘move on’ programme, high, medium, and floating (low level) support needs, from 24 hours a day to one hour a week. Additionally we also now provide intensive 1:1 support 24 hours per day.

Our Care Team

Our nurses and carers are the people who deliver complex care to our clients across the UK on a day-to-day basis. Their commitment to providing the highest quality care is crucial to the success of Woodleigh Healthcare.

We select only the most highly qualified, trained and experienced care professionals to support child and adult clients with the most challenging of disabilities and health conditions, including acquired brain injury, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury,multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, long-term ventilation needs and other neurological conditions.

Packages are delivered by carers who receive full induction training and client-specific training, through our own in-house training division, and overseen by qualified nurses with a critical care background.

We understand that our carers must go beyond simply providing care. They also need to contribute to the quality of life for individuals and their families, which is why we select staff whose skills and experience are best suited to the client.

Our Ethos

  • Staff will enter a client’s property and room within the property only with express consent.
  • Staff will respect the client’s right to avoid interacting or being interrupted by the staff member when, for example, they are entertaining a visitor or engaged in intimate activity. However, the safety of the client is paramount at all times.
  • Our staff consider themselves guests in the client’s home and will act accordingly by respecting the client’s private possessions at all times.
  • Staff will respect the client’s right to make telephone calls and conduct conversations in full privacy without being overheard or observed by the staff member.
  • We ensure that service records are only seen by those with a legitimate need to know the information within them.
  • Clients who require assistance with intimate tasks, such as dressing, bathing and toileting, will be helped as far as possible within the wishes of the client by a staff member of their own choice and, if desired, a staff member of the sex of their own choice.

Our Leadership

Woodleigh Healthcare is led by specialist nurses with three decades of combined experience in the NHS, community and private sectors, which has developed our commitment to delivering the highest levels of person-centred care. Our directors are supported by our team of trained, qualified and experienced nurses, carers and personal assistants.

Bernadette Charehwa

Registered Manager

Bernadette is responsible for the operational management of the company and has over 20 years’ experience in Health and Social Care. Bernadette works hard to ensure that our high expectations of care are being delivered throughout the organization.

She is responsible for the implementation of the company’s services including lending support to our team of managers and is dedicated to leading a care service that provides high quality, person centered care.

Irvine Madimu

Finance / Administration Manager

Irvine is a part  qualified accountant and leads the finance side of Woodleigh Healthcare.  Irvine utilising his finance skills to support the business in terms of invoicing, payroll, cash flow management and strategic initiatives.

The leadership team is supported by our team of trained, qualified and experienced nurses, care co-ordinators and field supervisors, support workers and personal assistants.

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