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What are we looking for in our carers?


Small gestures like a warm hand, a listening ear or a gentle smile can make a world of difference in the day or even week of those who need care. Genuine compassion transforms from a simple service into a meaningful connection that enriches the lives of both the caregiver and the recipient.


The ability to put yourself into somebody else's shoes unlocks a deeper understanding between the recipient and caregiver. After all, you're not just providing a service – You're enriching a life.



By approaching others with a genuine interest in their lives and a willingness to understand, stronger relationships are built between the caregiver and care recipient.






A carer helping a patient with downs syndrome with baking

What is client-specific training?

We will never ask our staff to undertake something they're not prepared to.

Woodleigh Healthcare deliver world-class supported living and home care in Surrey and Leicester to a wide variety of people, including:

  • Advanced age
  • Mental health needs
  • Challenging behaviour

  • Learning disabilities
  • Drug or alcohol misuse
  • Complex needs


Depending on your background in care, you might have experience with some needs and not others. Instead of throwing you in the metaphorical deep end, we will instead put you through a complete training plan to expand the scope of your knowledge and add to your skillset, opening doors for you to provide care to more people.

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If you're interested in the opportunities a career in home care in Surrey or Leicester can provide,

please reach out to our team using our 24/7 helpline at:





Why should you consider a career in care?

A carer smiling at an elderly woman

Great Job Security

Compassionate people willing and able to look after society's most vulnerable will always be in demand. With many different career paths, specialisations and settings to work in, a career in care offers stability that few other industries can match.

A carer helping a patient with downs syndrome use a laptop

You get to make a difference

A career in care gives you opportunities to make a profound impact to the lives of others every day. Whether you are providing respite care, emotional support or enhancing quality of life, you are bound to find it incredibly rewarding.

A carer talking to an elderly gentleman

Meet Wonderful People

The care industry offers opportunities to build meaningful relationships. The typical care recipient-care provider relationship often blossoms into a fulfilling friendship, marked by genuine gratitude and kindness.

A carer helping an elderly patient

Build Soft Skills

Working in care naturally builds and hones your emotional intelligence, empathy, patience and resilience. These are invaluable skills that benefit both your professional and personal life.

A carer cooking for an elderly patient

Opportunities for Growth

The care industry offers ample opportunities for career growth or specialisation, allowing you to grow and evolve in your chosen subfield of care.






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